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Spotify Wrapped 2021 arrives with creator video messages, Blend, and even a game

Spotify’s anticipated year-end retrospective, Spotify Wrapped, is rolling out these days to consumers, artists and podcast creators.

The expertise offers Spotify users  glance back at their year on Spotify, lightness listening trends across each music and podcasts. Artists and creators, meanwhile, will register on all the that their fans listened. This year, Wrapped has undergone many changes. 

This includes the addition of recent options like Wrapped Blend, which permits you to compare your Wrapped with a friend’s. This also support for TikTok sharing, a new in-app Wrapped game, video messages from artists to fans, and more.

Spotify will bring live audio internetsite app, Spotify Greenroom, into Wrapped expertise this year with live shows from choosed artists.

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Spotify Wrapped Key Points

Spotify Wrapped offers a glance back at your prime songs, artists, podcasts, and alternative listening trends from over the past year. However this point around, Spotify will gift a number of Wrapped’s knowledge as medium snapshots. You’ll be given with “2021: The Movie,” that pairs your recognizable songs against key moments associate degreed scenes from movie. Resembling the gap credits, a fight scene, an intense montage, a face-off with a rival dance crew, and others.

The corporate is additionally this year giving a nod to TikTok that has been influencing Spotify’s prime charts. Because the video app’s favorite memes get set to fashionable tunes, which successively drive plays on music services. 

Wrapped includes references to numerous TikTok memes, like “Bones Day” or “Good Soup,”. Which have crossed the road from being a TikTok trend to being additional a neighborhood of pop culture. And, for the primary time, Spotify users can share their Wrapped cards to TikTok, additionally to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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Spotify Wrapped New Features

New feature is Wrapped mix, that builds Spotify’s existing play list matching feature Blend, to permit users to check their. Wrapped with a friend’s to ascertain however their style matches up. They'll then stream their Wrapped Blend or share the results on social media.

There’s conjointly a brand new story known as the Audio Aura, that provides a genreless perspective on your year. Your prime 2 “moods,” supported your listening behavior, are diagrammatic visually.

Associate degree in-app game, based on the favored game 2 Truths and a Lie, is another new addition. Users will play so share with friends many statements regarding their listening throughout the past year. You’ll got to guess which of them are true. This interactive format might manufacture additional social sharing and engagement, because it invitations friends to play on too.

Another feature take cue from celeb social apps like anaglyph to gift users videos from their favorite artists and creators. Spotify worked with over one hundred seventy artists and creators. Who recorded short videos thanking fans for together with them in their year’s listening and having them on their Wrapped. If any of the taking part artists or podcast hosts seem on your Wrapped, you’ll get to ascertain the videos.


A smaller few podcasters and artists are tantalising a number of their most ardent fans to affix them for exclusive Q&A sessions. In Spotify’s room live audio app, wherever they're going to quote their own Wrapped results among alternative things.

Participants embody Hedera helix Le, JESSIA, Reb Orlando, bbno$, DPR LIVE, Aurora + Sub Urban, Benito Skinner & female parent letter of the alphabet Barone, and Spotify’s Saint Francis Xavier “X” Jernigan. These room rooms, which can be an hour long, are password-protected and a link will emailed solely to prime fans. However, 2 of Spotify’s own shows, “Most Necessary Live” on Dec seven at 9PM standard time. “LOREM Life” on Immaculate Conception at 9PM EST, will host public Wrapped-themed episodes.

The official in-app Spotify Wrapped Hub will roll out beginning these days,its typical lineup of year-end playlists and alternative features. This hub includes personalised playlists like Your prime Songs of 2021 and Your Artists Revealed. It'll also include the data-driven playlists featuring music from the highest artists globally and in users’ native markets, and also the best new podcasts of 2021.

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Creators and artists today gain access their own microsites, wherever they'll remember their fans’ journeys and think other relevant data. Through Spotify’s recent Shopify integration, fans. Who are enclosed in an creators’ top fans list are emailed a link to buy their merch over future few weeks.

Additionally to the launch of Wrapped, Spotify conjointly disclosed the highest music and podcasts across its service in 2021. With over 9.1 billion streams, Puerto Rican rapper unhealthy Bunny was the most-streamed international artist of 2021. Followed by Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake, and Justin Bieber.

Most Streamed Songs

The foremost-streamed song of 2021 was Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” with over 1.1 billion streams. Followed by Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO (Call American state By Your Name),” “STAY (with Justin Bieber)”. By the child LAROI, Olivia Rodrigo’s “good four u,” then Dua Lipa’s “Levitating (feat. DaBaby).”

Highest Album

The highest albums were Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR, Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, Justin Bieber’s Justice, erectile dysfunction Sheeran’s, and Doja Cat’s Planet Her.

Most Fashionable Podcasts

The most fashionable podcasts were The Joe Rogan Experience, decision Her Daddy, Crime Junkie, Ted Talks Daily, and The Daily.

Spotify' 2021 Wrapped is here to chronicle investing its mix feature that compares your music with a friend' listening activity. For Wrapped, mix can analyze your year of streaming with somebody you recognize to mind commonalities. 

Most Fashionable Artist

Aboard Wrapped, Spotify has conjointly proclaimed the foremost fashionable artists on the platform for 2021. For the second straight year, unhealthy Bunny took the highest spot globally, amassing over 9.1 billion streams this year. Olivia Rodrigo' "drivers license" and bitter were the global top song and top album, respectively. And a revelation that shouldn't be too shocking: 

The Joe Rogan Experience, a Spotify exclusive, was the highest podcast each internationally and within the US. For the complete breakdown of what was fashionable in 2021, investigate Spotify' full lists here. 

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The 2021 edition of Wrapped is rolling dead set all users these days in Spotify' iOS and golem apps.

Facts About Spotify

With 381 million monthly active users, Spotify has become a neighborhood of existence for music listeners and podcast lovers across the united kingdom. With a embarrassment of various artists, playlists, podcasts associate degreed additional obtainable to concentrate to via the Spotify app or desktop platform.

Annually since 2015, the large streaming platform has offered individual users an insight into their listening habits.With a slew of stats on their most streamed artists, playlists, songs and more over the last twelve months.

And Spotify users are presently desirous to understand once Spotify Wrapped 2021 are released this year. After they will expect their annual round-up of Spotify listening stats and habits for this year.Once Spotify Wrapped 2021 comes, way to get Spotify Wrapped that artists flat-topped the Spotify stats outline in 2020.

The platform is about to reveal its “deep dive into the artists, songs, and podcasts that outlined your 2021. In early December, with Spotify basing its stats on users’ listening habits on data collected between one Jan and thirty one October.

Whereas the streaming web site hasn’t formally nonetheless confirmed a date once Spotify Wrapped 2021 are released. It generally falls within the initial week of December.

Past Years Insights of Spotify

Last year’s knowledge insights were disclosed on 2 December, while Spotify Wrapped 2019 fell on five December. The corporate recently took to their Twitter account to acknowledge the growing anticipation and ballyhoo around Spotify Wrapped 2021.

"We see all of your tweets regarding Wrapped,” Spotify tweeted on nine Gregorian calendar month. Beside a side eyes and clock emoji to counsel that users wouldn’t got to wait too long to ascertain their listening stats.

Since then, Spotify has continued to tease the discharge of Spotify Wrapped 2021. Tweeted “Let the count begin” on twenty three November and holding social media users receive a reminder once their Spotify.  Wrapped knowledge is prepared after they likeable the tweet.

Additional recently, the music streaming service tweeted, “anyone else nervous to ascertain their #SpotifyWrapped?”, as users responded by asking once Spotify Wrapped 2021 are released.

Music streaming services

 Singer-songwriters ought to earn a good cut of the profits – and a brand new Bill guarantees simply that.

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 Am i Able to get Spotify Wrapped 2021?

Spotify Wrapped set to be disclosed to all users early in the next month. People will be able to access the wrap-up of their yearly listening knowledge within the Spotify app. Spotify app users will expect to be met with a stunning show of stats and a slideshow charting their year in music. With Spotify Wrapped 2020 holding users share individual slides and infographics to thereforecial media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Here’s however folks are creating receipts of their prime Spotify tracks

The format and options of Spotify Wrapped are dynamical slightly on a yearly basis. Though, so users can doubtless expect to ascertain their 2021 listening knowledge displayed in a very completely different and doubtless additional immersive way than last year.

To create sure you'll be able to see your Spotify Wrapped 2021 once it comes out. Make sure your smartphone is running the most recent version of the app and has put in the latest Spotify updates.

Once updated, if your Wrapped still isn’t showing on the app’s home screen, attempt sorting out. ‘Wrapped’ such as you would the other creator or song.

Users who don’t have Spotify can still browse the web site’s annual streaming stats on its desktop site at

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Who are Spotify’s most listened to creators of 2021 therefore far?

Whereas we tend to wait the results of Spotify Wrapped 2021. There are some hints already on that artists who are the foremost listened  and streamed on the platform of spotify this year. In August it had been disclosed that former immature pop icon Justin Bieber. Had claimed the highest streaming position on Spotify because the most streamed artist worldwide.

As of twelve November, Justin Bieber has 82,595,624 monthly listeners on the streaming platform.

Erectile dysfunction Ed Sheeran, meanwhile, has 77,063,015 monthly listeners.

Whereas Adele soared to the highest of Spotify’s highest weekly stream count in October. Following the discharge of  her new single, straightforward on Me, her 65,244,620 monthly listeners  below Dua. Dua Lipa, who presently has an calculable 68,052,820 monthly listeners on the platform.

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Highest listened creators in Spotify Wrapped 2020

The foremost streamed artist worldwide last year on Spotify was Puerto Rican rapper unhealthy Bunny. Who, along with his album YHLQMDLG claimed over 8.3 billion streams from international Spotify listeners in 2020.

Meanwhile, Billy Eilish claimed the spot of most streamed feminine artist on the platform for the second year running.She beating Taylor Swift, urban center Grande, Dua Lipa and Halsey to the top spot on Spotify Wrapped 2020.

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Rapper unhealthy Bunny control the highest spots many streamed albums globally in 2020’s wrap along with his album YHLQMDLG. Whereas The Weeknds’ once Hours, Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding, Harry Styles’ Fine Line and Future yearning by Dua Lipa took the next spots.


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