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The first half of money Heist season 5 was associate degree action-packed thrill-ride. However a recent trailer suggests that part 2 are going to be a far additional sombre affair.

It shows the gang still reeling from that shock character death partially one. Before all varieties of chaos kicks off  from the academician' den being discovered to the police getting into the bank to the robbers ostensibly obtaining caught.

It' by no means trying doubtless the Professor and his gang of Dali-masked thieves can depart with this one. So that everybody will create it out alive.

There' shortly now till the second part of the fifth and final season is free however to tide U.S. over until then. Netflix has released many new pictures which, whereas striking, have gotten us terribly disturbed indeed.

Plus, we've been precocious this lovely new piece of artwork.

Money Heist Season 5 Netflix

If you've already binged through the primary 5 episodes and are all trapped with the cash Heist season five. Part one ending, browse on to search out out everything you wish to grasp about cash Heist season 5 half two, as well as the discharge date, cast, plot and trailer.

Money Heist Part 5

Money Heist season five part 2  release date is 3 December 2021.

Money Heist fans round the world are going to be left reeling by the stunning finish to season five. Part one, that landed on Netflix on Friday third September.

Fortunately, they won't need to wait long to search out out however this epic crime heroic tale goes to end. Because the final batch of episodes are simply weeks away, scheduled for release on Friday 3rd December.

The streaming service declared the Money Heist season 5 unleash schedule back in might, with a tweet. And teaser trailer for the show' beautiful conclusion.

MoneyHeist season five was initial declared in 2020. With the renewal returning as no surprise when the fourth outing dominated Netflix' prime ten list round the world upon release.

Cinematography on Money Heist season five wrapped in May 2021. As confirmed by Netflix, that shared a picture of the forged beside the caption. "Thank you to all or any the fans for being a part of La Resistencia! we have a tendency to can't wait to point out you the way this story ends."

Money Heist season fiveVolume 2 forged

Money Heist season 5 vol 2

Spoilers For Money Hiest SEASON 5 Vol 2

After we left off within the jaw-dropping Money Heist season five, part one ending. Fan-favourite character Yeddo had simply sacrificed her life for the team. However a behind the scenes teaser has confirmed that Úrsula Corberó can come to the role via a flashback anaglyph. (as well as continued because the show' narrator, as we detected in the trailer).

Money Heist Season 5

money heist download

Heist mastermind The Professor 

Vie by Álvaro Morte, is arguably the principal character now. Presently realizeing himself in associate degree unstable alliance with ashamed police inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri).

It remains to be seen whether or not the 2 can find some common ground. Or if Sierra will flip him over to the cops despite his crucial facilitate delivering her baby.

The academician has had luck changing folks to his cause within the past. Most notably Raquel Murillo aka Lisbon, vie by Itziar Ituño, who is one in every of the characters currently fighting to flee the Bank of Spain.


LA CASA Delaware PAPEL (L to R) AHIKAR AZCONA as MATÍAS, BELÉN CUESTA as MANILA. MIGUEL HERRÁN as RÍO, ITZIAR ITUÑO as LISBOA, RODRIGO DE LA SERNA as metropolis in episode 08.{of la|of los associate degreegeles|of l. a.} CASA DE PAPEL. Cr. TAMARA ARRANZ/NETFLIX 2021.

Professor Money Heist part 5 vol 2

Conjointly cornered within the heist are old team members Rio de Janeiro (Miguel Herrán). Capital of Colorado (Jaime Lorente), capital of Sweden (Esther Acebo) and port (Darko Peric). Who is badly wounded when his legs were crushed in an explosion.

We'll also discover the ultimate fate of the newer additions to the team Manila (Belén Cuesta). Rodrigo Delaware la Serna (Palermo) and Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian). The latter of whom still craves revenge for the death of his love, Nairobi.

He might have uncomprehensible his likelihood as insane head of security Gandía (Manuel Poga). May have perished in Tokyo' final bomb attack, however this can be however to be confirmed.

On the villain side

Fans are curiously anticipating word on whether or not the much-despised Arturo Román (Enrique Arce). Can get through the ultimate season alive, together with his condition recently declared to be "critical" by commissioned military officer Tamayo (Fernando Cayo).

Arce recently told that he was "disappointed". With the dark direction his character went in MoneyHeist season four, and "pleaded" with the show' bosses to alter their minds.

Pedro Alicia Alonso and Saint Patrick Criado can liekly come as on-screen father-and-son Berlin and Rafael. Whose story has up to now been mostly break free the most narrative.

It' unclear whether or not Sky Rojo star Miguel Ángel Silvestre will return partially 2 as René. The first love of Tokyo, on condition that the character' story seems to be over.

Money heist season 5 download

Saint Patrick Criado plays Rafael in Money Heist season 5.

It' ironic given however crucial the character has become to the show' story. However Money Heist creator Alex Pina recently claimed that the powers-that-be once requested Berlin be written out entirely.

Chatting with geographical area Times. He aforementioned: "I had no intention of taking him out of the series. somebody said to me. 'This character doesn't work with the times. You ought to take him out of the series'."

download money heist

Of course, Berlin complete up projected around via flashbacks. When his death in season two, one thing that Pina is extremely happy about.

The author added: "[He is] a misogynist, narcist and psychoneurotic in several ways... however we have a tendency to may have a personality like that within the series {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} audience could freely decide whose facet they're on, right?"

Money Heist season 5 also saw the introduction of José Manuel Seda. Because the "cold and ruthless" Sagasta, Commander of the U. S. Army Special Forces of the Spanish Army, but his squad have sustained some major injuries since seizing The Professor' gang.

Military squad in Money Heist season five

Aboard the cast, there are 3 administrators confirmed for season 5; Redeemer Colmenar, Koldo Junipero Serra and Álex Rodrigo.

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Military Squad Money Heist Part 5 vol 2

What number episodes are in Money Heist season 5?

Money Heist season five can include ten episodes in total. Creating it the longest season of the show since the first. However Netflix have determined to unleash the ultimate chapter in 2 separate halfs.

Season five, part one (streaming currently) consists {of five|of five} episodes. With the final five episodes connection the service before the tip of the year, with a release now confirmed for Friday third December.

Money hiest season part 2 has 5 episodes which are to be released on 3 december 2021.

Money Heist season 5 plot

During a recent teaser showcasing some behind the scenes action from the show. We have a tendency to were secure a "loaded" half to season five, with "extreme tension" laced throughout.

Darko Perić, who plays Helsinki, said: "I'll do alternative things, but one thing like this happens once during a lifetime."

Rodrigo Delaware la Serna, who plays Palermo, added. "We know it' not reaching to defeated the fans of the show. We all know they're going to love it. What' returning is extremely powerful."

Mort (The Professor) said: "People won't be ready to visit bed when observance any of those episodes."

So, what's going to happen? Netflix has now free the rather ominous plot outline for season 5 half  2. (Be cautious of massive spoilers for part one).

Watch the teaser below

"Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) is dead. The enemy still lurks within the Bank of Spain, wounded however as dangerous as ever. Facing their darkest hour and greatest challenge yet. The gang hatch a daring attempt to get the gold out while not anyone noticing. To form matters worse, the academician makes the most important mistake of his life."

For a fast recap

Season four opened in usually dramatic vogue with one member of the gang. Capital of Kenya (Alba Flores), fighting for her life within the bank. Whereas The academician was on the run, troubled to affect the thought that the love of his life, ex-police officer Lisboa, had been dead by the police.

It sounded like the gang were in associate degree not possible situation. However were ready to pull themselves back from the brink when discovering that Lisbon was still alive on balance and staging a daring rescue. Against all odds, they were able to drop her into the Bank of Kingdom of Spain to affix the remainder of her robbing comrades. But it wasn't all sensible news.

Remorseless Inspector Alicia Sierra found The Professor' hideout and control him a gunpoint. Whereas earlier within the season the team suffered a devastating loss with the murder of capital of Kenya . Which can loom massive over the approaching episodes.

Money Heist Season 5 download

Money Heist Govt Producer

MoneyHeist govt producer Redeemer Colmenar told diversion weekly. However this development will inform the remaining episodes of the show, uniting the delicate team of robbers in their final battle.

"Nairobi pictured the guts of the gang during a way, and during this last season [she] would have had a tough time fitting in as a result of this can be a season of direct confrontation," he said. "But her inheritance goes to inspire the opposite characters."

Yeddo (Ursula Corbero), the fiery and impulsive miss is within the bank with the remainder of the gang.

The academician (Àlvaro Morte). Realized the dramatic unleash of Lisboa, however received an surprising traveller within the last moments of season four.

Lisbon (Itziar Ituno), is free from jail. When The Professor’s crafty attempt to release her worked, however she is currently within the bank.

Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), the now-disgraced lawman is on a one-man mission to require down her nemesis The academician. She at bay The Professor feat the crew with no suggests that of escape...


Fans Point of view

Fans have conjointly shared their theories for what' to return in season five. One is that Alicia is truly Tatiana, Berlin' partner from the flashbacks. This doesn't appear doubtless to U.S.. As whereas they are doing have similarities, Tatiana is vie by Diana Gomez not Nimri. We have a tendency to won't fully rule out a affiliation however though.

Whereas the forged isn't giving a lot of away once it involves what happens next. Úrsula Corberó, who plays Yeddo, did refer to Identity magazine regarding her and Rio' relationship.

"I are speculative about whether or not or not this relationship is toxic," she said. "With Rio' vulnerability and Tokyo being terribly protecting of him. We will see that from the terribly beginning. however maybe it' a small amount cyanogenetic owing to Yeddo' personality.

"For their future. I do skills it' reaching to go from here. The approach I see it's that there are like 2 groups. That we will see this very clearly on social media. Some folks wish Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro to reunite and obtain back along a couple of). Others are substantially against this relationship and don’t want them together ever again."

Rio Money Heist

Pina disclosed a few key plot points in his interview with action too. "We are moving from a chess – a mere intellectual strategy – to a war strategy: attack and contention. " He aforementioned said. "We invariably attempt that our opponents be charismatic, intelligent, shiny. During this case, in pure war film genre. We have a tendency to conjointly hunt for characters whose intelligence will serve against The Professor'."

Rio Money Heist Part 5

He added: "Adrenaline is inside cash Heist' DNA. each thirty seconds things turn up and disrupt the characters. A flip of the screw to the action. The vasoconstrictive mixed with feelings. Arising from completely complex, magnetic, unpredictable characters can continue till the tip of the heist to the Bank of Spain.

"However, the gang can currently be pushed into irreversible situations, into a wild war. It's the foremost epic a part of all the elements we've shot.

"It is action and feeling, it is comedy and drama, romance and pathos."

Money Heist final season and spin-offs

Money Heist season 5 is that the final outing for the show. However Pina told Oprah magazine that he has ideas for spin-offs.

"We do have several potentialities for a few spinoffs, yes, and that i think that. Due to the robust and powerful identities of the characters.

"We've invariably sought for characters to own a awfully complex, superimposed design. Therefore i feel nearly each character of Money Heist contains a duality that we'd wish to see during a spinoff. We have a tendency to may watch any of them in alternative contexts.

"I think Arturito could have a black comedy. Berlin' case for his own show is extremely clear . He' a misogynist, a psychopath, egocentric, a narcissist, a delinquent, a rapist. However still there are a lot of people who love him, as a result of he values friendship, loyalty or fraternity.

Money Heist
"From capital of Kenya to El Profesor. Capital of Colorado is yet one more character together with his own charm. i'd like to write all of them as spinoffs!"

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Money Heist forged are posting their goodbyes

With cash Heist season 5 being the last season. The cast have already begun spoken communication au revoir on social media. Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, paid tribute to his character on Instagram. A loose translation of his post follows:

"I created the sketch a minute before shooting the sequence. I sent it to my co-captain. She replied 'it' a small amount creepy' and conjointly 'but i prefer animals.'

"It' funny, then once I shot my shots of the sequence. My brother told me 'now yes, currently I see that one thing troubling in your eyes'.

"It' funny. on behalf of me it had been regarding love. and maybe also a wierd message for a future time. Once it'll be time to examine the wound. nearly for the character. However conjointly for the actor. i do know it's going to sound a small amount strange.

"Sooner or later that moment comes. It invariably comes. The one when it' time to travel to the tip of what we have a tendency to don't know. Or we don't wish to know.

My Opinion

And in my opinion it's not bad. though it will create associate degree impression. As does true love and life itself. therefore chilling at times, but definitely so beautiful.

"It has been a unprecedented journey @alvaromorte {one of|one among|one during all|one amongst|one in every of}. People who very need to be unbroken in a chest when the odyssey."

Pedro wasn't the sole one spoken communication goodbye, Itziar Ituño conjointly announce on Instagram: "Now yes! GOODBYE, Inspector Raquel Murillo, Lisboa thief!! What a trip!!"

Miguel Herrán also shared on Instagram: "Rio. It's been an implausible journey with you. Nowadays we have a tendency to shut a stage together. and that i will only tell you 2 things. many thanks and that i LOVE YOU!"

Finally, The academician posted a video spoken communication au revoir too. "Leaving for the last time the set of @lacasadepapel . Words are unnecessary.

"Thankful for therefore much, for everything. To the fans (the initial ones, of course), to the whole team of @vancouvermediaproducciones and @netflixes. @netflix And to you, my pricey Professor. I'll miss having such an honest time with you. give thanks YOU."

Latest Money Heist season five trailers

Netflix gave U.S. our first glimpse of season 5 half 2 during a transient teaser. With the footage showing behind the words "The End" – simply to rub salt into the wound.

Associate degree exclusive clip from half 2 was free throughout Netflix' TUDUM event. Showing a rather subdued team discussing the way to get the gold out of the bank.

Netflix released a full-length trailer for part two in November 2021. And it very doesn't look sensible for The academician and his jumpsuit-cladded team who seem to search out themselves surrounded. We're conjointly a small amount involved by the selection of a Band of Horses song known as The Funeral.

If you would like spoiler-filled details on the cash Heist season five. Half one ending, as well as the most recent character to be killed off on the show, browse our full breakdown.

Money Heist seasons one to four and season five, part one are currently offered on Netflix. Searching for one thing else to watch? verify our guide to the most effective series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix. Visit our Drama hub for additional news and features, or visit our TV Guide.

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